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The Community Crossing Inc.

Kyler and Lesa are a dynamic duo who have been working with a faith-based non-profit organization called Community Crossing (CCX) since 2009 and 2012 respectively. Lesa has worn many different hats at CCX over the years, one is Web Designer.

She embarked on a mission to revamp the organization's website from scratch a few years after joining. At the time, CCX was a multi-faceted organization that served the community in several ways, but its messaging came across as complex and confusing to the public.

To achieve this, Lesa ran strategy sessions with her team, worked with WiX, and created the third website of her career at the age of 17.

The Strategy

The goal was twofold: To provide a way for prospective donors to learn about the mission, and for anyone in the area to know what was available to them. Messaging was essential for this. While some ministry organizations will try to drive home the needs by showcasing the full extent of problems of an area by showing photos of drug abuse, starvation, or generally their unkempt neighbors, CCX's goal was to communicate there is a real need but to respect the dignity of our neighbors, friends and those we serve while doing so.

Mobile Ready

This website is custom-built for mobile-friendly users. It responds fast and is easy to navigate no matter what device you are on.

About The Design

The only branded element that existed at the beginning of the project was the logo. It was somewhat outdated so we modernized it with a clean flat design. The arrow represented a movement in a forward direction. Because of the word CROSSING and the area is saturated with trains we decided to play on that theme. The font used is called Raleway. The lines used in repetition are inspired by train tracks, and the square/rectangular shapes reflect train cars.


Today, the CCX website continues to evolve and reflect the changes in the organization. With an impressive page count of 60, including the CCX Online Missional Magazine collection and blog posts, the website is a testament to what can be done with only an idea and a small team that is ready to learn and put in the work. The original site was published in under two weeks' time.


Jay Wilson

Karen Wilson

Donna Ludwinski Kyler Wilson

A big thank you to all who helped make this website possible by aiding in the research, visioning, writing, editing, and so much more.

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