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Imagine Drafting and Design

This project was truly unique. The owners needed their website up and running in two weeks or less, so we helped them build a functioning website in just under that.

The rest of the project spanned a few months as we learned about their company, their goals and who their ideal clients are. We then built a custom website inspired by their personality and vision.

Mobile Ready

This website is custom built for mobile friendly users. It responds fast is easy to navigate no matter what device you are on.

About The Design

Imagine Drafting and Design wanted to stand out from their competition. Because they are extremely experienced in their field we wanted to give their clients the feeling of a warm study filled with knowledge. We built into the site custom buttons, and patterns that are representations of a drafting blueprint elements. The pattern that repeats throughout the site is a window. The buttons are doors. The coaching package icons are staircases.

Explore their website and let us know what you think.

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